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5 Ways to Maintain your Vehicle’s Interior During the Summer

While winter can cause issues with your vehicle, the summer months can cause challenges as well. When the summer months come, you want to make sure that your vehicle’s interior is well protected. Here’s a look at five ways to ensure that your vehicle’s interior is able to maintain its appearance during the hot summer months. 

1). Make sure your vehicle’s interior is protected from the sun

The sun can cause some major damage to all parts of your vehicle’s interior. Also, your vehicle’s interior can reach temperatures of up to 120 degrees. That is enough to cause electronic items to melt as well as discoloration to your car seats. There are a couple of steps that you can take to protect your vehicle’s interior from the sun. First, you can park in the shade, when possible. If you can not park in the shade, then get a windshield protector. 

2). Install seat covers  

Want to make sure that your car seats are protected from damage from the sun? Then you can install a pair of seat covers from the front seats. Whether you have a vehicle with a fabric or leather interior, your vehicle’s interior can experience damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. You can purchase seat covers from your local auto store or you can purchase seat covers online. 

3). Use conditioner for your vehicle leather 

Leather seats are especially prone to exposure to the sun. Leather seats can crack, discolor and look old. Damaged leather seats can not only look unattractive, it can also lower the value of your vehicle. You should have your vehicle’s leather polished with a top quality leather condition. Some of the top leather conditioners include the following:

  • Chemical Guys Car Leather
  • Leather Rejuvenator
  • Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather Spray 

4). Replace the cabin air filter 

Your vehicle can be invaded by dust, dirty and debris via the vehicle’s air vents. In order to ensure that your cabin’s air is clean, replace the cabin air filter in your vehicle. You can replace the cabin air filter by yourself or you can have the filter replaced at a service center. 

5). Wipe the dash with a microfibre cloth 

One of the most overlooked areas of a vehicle’s interior is the dash. Your dash can be either made of plastic or a soft padding material. Either material can crack due to prolonged exposure to the sun. You can help prevent this type of damage by occasionally wiping down the dash with a microfibre cloth after cleaning the dashboard with an interior auto cleaner. Some of the top interior auto cleaners including the following:

  • Meguiars Interior Automotive Cleaner 
  • Turtle Wax Quick and Easy Glass and Interior Detailer
  • Quick and Easy Care Interior Kit 

Keeping your vehicle’s interior looking great 

By following a couple of proven steps, you can protect your car’s interior during the summer. Your vehicle’s interior will not only look great, you can protect the value of one of your largest investments.